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"کاشر اخبار "سون مِیراث

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Soan Meeraas is a kashmiri weekly newspaper from Jammu and Kashmir state. The paper is being published since 2006 from Srinagar. The mission of the paper aims at promoting rich traditional,linguistic,cultural and secular values of the region. The language of this paper is real Kashmiri, which is very lucid and comprehensible for natives of this state.With the launch of this paper, the people of the region have become familiar with their social and cultural values besides having the glimpses of political developments going in the state. For a long time, this state remained isolated from rest of the country with respect of not having a newspaper in Kashmiri language. This paper highlights the worsening plight of the various problems faced by the people to the notice of the government and brings suitable solution. Apart from this, this paper also publishes different types of informative articles, which keep the natives of the state abreast with growing trend in the country and the world.


Soan Meeraas (Kashmiri: सोन मीरास, سون مِیراث) is a Kashmiri language newspaper of the Indian state of  Jammu & Kashmir. 
Soan Meeraas started its publication in 2006 from Srinagar and its mission was aimed at promoting rich linguistic, cultural and traditional virtues of the region besides sharing political views.
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Top Contributors


> Prof. Hamidi Kashmiri


> M Y Taing

> Prof. Marghoob Banihali

> Prof. Rehman Rahi


> Prem Nath Shad

> Prof. Iqbal Faheem 

> Piaray Hatash


> Wali Mohd. Mir


Dr. Armaan Zulaikha

Naeem Kashmiri

> Prof. Farooq Fayaz


Technical Details

RNI Registration No.:-         JKKAS/2006/26256

Postal Registration No.:-   JKNP-81/SKGPO-2015-17

ISSN (Print) :-  2348-8107


Printer,Publiher & Editor   ایڈیٹر               

Mohamad Yousuf Miskeen

         محمد یوسف مسکین                      
 موبائل/Cell/ :- +91(0) 9419006239 


Manager مینیجر

 موبائل/Cell/ :- +91(0)9796104647   



 Legal Advisor قانونی مشیر                         

Advocate Syed Mir Ghulam Nabi

    سید میر غلام نبی


Published from اشاعت  

Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India

سری نگر کشمیر                                                                                   

Printing Press پرنٹنگ پریس

Khidmat Offset Press,The Bund,Srinagar

خدمت آفسیٹ پریس- سری نگر کشمیر